Terms of Use


The information that you share with Tinkle Friend on this site is kept confidential. This means that it will not be revealed to any third party irrelevant to the chat. However, in the event that you are in a situation involving self-harm, suicide, violence or any other situation which is harmful to yourself or to those around you, Tinkle Friend reserves the right to disclose your information to other parties in order to help you. These other parties could be your school authorities such as a teacher, school counsellor, principal or your parents, other family members or the police. Thus, calls and chats are recorded for the purpose of follow-up.

Scope of service

Tinkle Friend is a befriending service offered by the staff and volunteers of Singapore Children's Society. It is however not intended to replace therapy for mental health issues, and does not provide assessment and diagnosis of mental health conditions. It also does not intend to replace in-depth face-to-face counselling for emotional issues. If you are in a crisis situation, or require emergency help, all efforts will be taken by Tinkle Friend to seek further help for you. These efforts will come in the form of disclosing your information to the appropriate parties and/or referring you to the appropriate agencies. In such situation when you are in crisis, please contact the police (999) or Samaritans of Singapore (1800-211-4444 / 24 hours).

Your responsibility

Tinkle Friend is a service provided to support children who are lonely or who are in distress. Therefore, it is very much hoped that you represent yourself as honestly and as accurately as you are comfortable with. We urge that you do not impersonate anyone else when chatting with Tinkle Friend. You will be responsible for any action you take or decision you make as a result of participating in the Tinkle Friend helpline or chatline service and will not hold Tinkle Friend responsible for your actions or decisions.