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 “Moommmm! Jimmy took my PSP again without asking me!” bellowed Jonathan. He sighed in frustration as he wondered what he could do about his younger brother borrowing his things without his permission.

Do any of the above scenario sound familiar to you?
Brothers and sisters can make the house lively and they can be fun to be around!
Having brothers and sisters can mean that you:

  1. Have someone to play with
  2. Have someone to talk to
  3. Have someone to share ideas with

However, there may be times when you face problems with your siblings.

Having to share

For instance, you may have to share your belongings like books, toys, clothes, computer, television, etc. This can mean that you have more to choose from. However, there may be times when your siblings borrow your belongings without asking for your permission. Or you and your siblings may want to use the computer at the same time.

Parents’ attention

You may at times feel that your parents pay more attention to your siblings. For instance, you may want your mother to help you with your homework but your younger brother needs help with his spelling test.  Some children may also feel that their parents favour their siblings over them. For instance, you may feel that your father scolds your younger sister less and gives her what she wants more readily.

What can you do if you have a problem with your siblings?

A good way to solve problems among siblings is to talk about it.  Talking will allow your family members to know if there is something that you are not happy about. You can choose to speak to your parents or to your siblings about it. If you are upset, it may be a good idea to wait until you are no longer feeling worked up and can talk about the issue calmly.

You can also call Tinkle Friend at 1800 2744 788 to talk about your problem!


If you do not wish to talk, you can choose to write to your siblings or to your parents about the problem you are facing and how you are feeling.


When a problem happens, it is important to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. You may have to negotiate with your siblings.

Example: You and your brother want to use the computer at the same time and you only have one computer. You need to use the computer for homework and your brother wants to play games. You can take the following steps:

  1. Listen to your brother’s reasons for wanting to use it.
  2. State your reason for using the computer.
  3. In order to be fair to everyone, take turns using the computer.

Ask your brother if he is all right with you using the computer to complete your homework first. Or you may want to let your brother play games first and you can use it for your homework later. Discuss with your brother and decide on a period of time for him to use the computer. Get him to agree to stop playing when it is your turn to use it.

If you find it difficult to come up with a fair plan, you can ask your parents or an adult for help.

I’m the Only Child

If you are the only child, you do not have siblings. This can be pretty cool too.

What is good about being an only child is that you do not have to share your belongings and you do not have to compete for your parents’ attention. However, some children may be lonely at times as they do not have other children to talk to or play with at home.

Some children make up for the lack of siblings by having cousins to spend time with, by playing with their neighbours or by having friends at school. Some children also learn to play by themselves and do activities by themselves which they enjoy.

You can call Tinkle Friend at 1800 2744 788. Remember that you can always call to talk about your problems and how you are feeling!