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Making Friends

Friends are…

Someone whom you like, trust and enjoy spending time with. As a popular saying goes, “No Man is an Island”. Everyone needs friends. Friends are important because they   

  • Keep us company and enjoy common activities with us.
  • Share interesting topics with us.
  • Help us in times of need.
  • Comfort us in times of sadness.
  • Offer us their opinions when we are unsure about something or will like another opinion.
  • Listen to us when we have a problem to share.
Cherish our Friends!

It is natural that we become closer to some friends who share our interests and whom we enjoy talking to. Some of these friends become our buddies and such friendships can last a long time and continue even after we have grown up. Therefore it is important to treasure our friends.

Making New Friends and Keeping the Old

“Hello Tinkle Friend, I’m upset when my best friend talks to this new girl in our class. Sometimes when she talks to this girl, I feel left out. We’ve been good friends since we were in Primary 1. I don’t like feeling left out.”
- A Primary 3 girl

While it can be exciting and refreshing to meet new friends, it is important not to neglect old friends. There may be times when we feel neglected because our friends choose to spend time with others rather than with us. Similarly, when we choose to spend time with other friends, it is important to let close friends know that we still treasure them and make an effort to spend time with them. Every friend is different and special in their own way. A good friend is rare and should be cherished.

How to maintain a good friendship?
  • Everyone is unique. Accept your friend for who he or she is.
  • Listen and pay attention when your friend has something important to share.
  • Respect your friend’s ideas and opinions though you might not agree with them.
  • Be courteous. Greet your friends and say “please”, “thank you”, “excuse me”.
  • Smile and show interest in your friends. Ask them what they like, think and feel.
  • Treat your friend as you wish to be treated yourself.
When Friends Argue …

Arguments between friends are normal. Even among the best of friends, there are times when you do not agree and do not get along. When friends argue, they may say things that they do not mean in a moment of anger. Maybe you were in the wrong. Maybe your friend was in the wrong. Maybe both of you were in the wrong. When arguments happen, it is important to

  • Spend some time to think about the situation.
  • Give yourself and your friend a few days to calm down as you are still upset about the argument.  

When you are no longer upset, you are able to think clearly and make a decision about what to do next. Here are some things you may want to do after an argument with a friend:

  1. Talk to your friend calmly to clarify what happened and how you feel.
  2. Write your friend a letter or a note to express your thoughts and feelings and apologize if need to.
  3. Call your friend and apologize over the phone or in person.

Do you have a friendship problem that is troubling you? Sometimes, it helps to talk to someone about the issue. Share with someone who cares for you. They can be your parents or siblings. You can also call Tinkle Friend and share with us what is troubling you. We are always here for you!