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Feeling Lonely

It’s 3.00 pm and you have just reached home from school. The house is quiet as no one is not at home. Your parents are at work and your siblings are still in school. Only Jojo, your dog comes running up to you, barking. “Aarf aarf aarf!” “Sigh Jojo…it’s just you and me again.” After feeding Jojo, you start doing your homework. Halfway through your Math homework, you start feeling lonely. You wish there is someone around to talk to you. You start daydreaming and wonder what else you can do after you complete your homework…

Does the scenario above sound familiar?  If you have ever felt this way before, you are not alone!

At Tinkle Friend Helpline, many children call to share that they sometimes feel lonely or bored.

What is Loneliness?

Loneliness is the feeling that you get when you want someone to talk to and spend time with but there is nobody around. You can also feel lonely if nobody understands how you feel or think.

Children also feel bored when they are not sure of what to do to occupy themselves or they are not interested in what is going on at the moment.

Why Do Children Feel Lonely?

Children feel lonely for many reasons. These are some reasons why children feel lonely

  • They have moved to a new school and do not know anyone yet
  • They have moved to a new country and the language and culture are new to them
  • They have trouble making friends
  • They are in a new class and their old friends are in other classes
  • They are at home by themselves with no one to talk to
  • They are around adults most of the time and there are no children their age to play with
  • Feeling different from others
  • Having a illness that is long term. This can mean that you are in hospital most of the time and it stops you from doing the things you normally do, like going to school.
  • Having a condition that others do not understand
  • Losing a friend, a pet or someone close
What can You do if You Feel Lonely or Bored?

If you feel lonely, you can:

  • Learn something new. E.g. learn a new activity or skill that you have never tried before. You can also make new friends at the same time and talk to others about what you have learnt!
    Do something that you like. E.g. play board games, draw, play sports with friends, sing, dance, read a book, etc
  • Volunteer your time. Look out for volunteering opportunities or spend time with your family members doing volunteer work
  • Do something for someone or help them. E.g. Help your younger brother to fix his computer or make a card for your mother’s birthday
  • Play with your pets
  • Write a letter or email your friends and family to share with them about your day
  • Talk to someone whom you trust about how you feel. This can be your friend, parent, relative, teacher, or school counsellor
Spending Time Alone

Spending time by yourself can also be fun! Here’s why:

  • Being alone can give you time to be creative. Many songwriters and artists are most creative when they spend time by themselves. They write the best songs and create great works of art when inspiration hits, usually when they are alone.
  • Being by yourself can give you time to think. You are also free to do what you want without having to think about others’ needs.

Remember that if you feel lonely or bored and need some ideas about what to do, or you simply want to have a chat, you can call Tinkle Friend. Do also let the adults around you know about how you feel so that they can help to plan activities together with you. On your own, spend some time thinking about the things you like to do or try, and do them!