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Activities For Children

Hello boys and girls!

Here is a list of activities that you can do on your own or with your family members, especially during school holidays!

Just click on the links below to visit the websites 🙂


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Art & Craft

  1. Craft tutorial videos by Easy Kids Craft  

A YouTube channel with tutorial videos on simple and cute craft work to do at home.

  1. 5 Easy DIY Craft Ideas For Kids To Try Out by Singapore’s Child

5 easy, fun and cute DIY craft ideas that you can try out at home!

  1. Colour Wold Famous Paintings by KidZania Mumbai 

Engage in an artistic time by colouring and painting the #KidZaniaAtHome’s version of world famous paintings which include important health and hygiene messages to stay safe!

  1. TLC Playhouse by Singapore Repertory Theatre 

Find a package of more than 10 activities that you can do at home! This includes creating your own story, writing your own news story (you can be a journalist for a day!), and drama games that get your body moving!


  1. Puzzlemaker by Discovery Education

Create your own maze and challenge yourself or even your family and friends!

  1. Games, videos, books and more by Funbrain 

Take your learning to the next level by playing educational games, reading interesting books, and watching fun videos!

  1. Games, recipes, jokes and more by Highlight Kids 

Find a wide range of activities from games, recipes and jokes to science facts on this page!


  1. Storyline Online by SAG-AFTRA Foundation 

Read and expand the mind! Free story books are read and told by famous people in YouTube videos. The stories can be as short as 5 minutes, and as long as 21 minutes!  

  1. Games, vdeos, art and more by Sesame Street 

Watch videos featuring your favouirte Sesame Street characters and find craft ideas that you can do at home!

  1. Disney Magic Moments by Disney

Check out the various activities that Disney has to offer, such as videos on how to draw your favourite Disney characters, storytelling and colouring sheets!

  1. Kindsville by Singapore Kindness Movement

Join Singa and friends on their Kindsville adventures! Find fun activities and videos to practise kindness and build a better community around you.


  1. Museum of the World by British Museum 

Discover the ancient world! An interactive virtual tour of the British Museum with word descriptions and audio allows visitors to explore objects and artefacts across time and cultures.

  1. 10 of the World’s Most Inspiring Science Museums by Google Arts & Culture and various museums

Travel to inspiring museums without stepping out of your home! Google Street View virtual tour provides visitors an experience of wandering through the halls of these science museums.

  1. Gallery Kids! by National Gallery Singapore

Learn more about the art collections at National Gallery through interactive and hands-on activities, which includes games, crafts, posters and audio tours!

  1. The Hidden Worlds of the National Parks by Google Arts & Culture and various national parks

Go on a virtual tour and enjoy the beauty of 5 different national parks in USA featuring different climates and environments!


  1. Videos, facts, quizzes and others by National Geographic Kids 

Discover more about wildlife and the environment that you did not learn from textbooks! You can read, watch videos, and even take on fun quizzes to test your knowledge!

  1. Math games, brain teaser and more by Coolmath4kids

Mathematics can be fun and enjoyable! Learn by solving puzzles, playing simple games, and tricks to tease your brain!

  1. Interesting educational videos by Free school 

A YouTube channel with educational videos on famous art, classical music, children’s literature, and natural science. 

  1. Science videos by Crash Course Kids 

A YouTube channel with educational videos on Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, Geography, Engineering, and Astronomy.